destrukti0n (destrukti0n) wrote in 1024x768_help,

Information on linkware and your layout.

If it comes to our attention that you have another design community's banner listed amongst your userinfo thanking them for design credit, we will not be able to provide you with a particular design until you have uncredited that community. We do not wish for our designs to become confused with their work, or vice versa. We do not require you to link 1024x768 in your u/info in order for you to simply look at this community (linkware is the suck, mmkay?). Please be aware of this policy upon entering and requesting from 1024x768. Thanks.

I'm going to explain this once and only once -smiling- and that's just to tone down the drama. You can be a part of as many design communities as you like! Please, go... and enjoy... as a matter of fact, many of us belong to several of those communities. I'm in love with cherrystyle for example! Lisa is an inspiration. However, we do NOT cater to LINKWARE. A community may require you to put linkware on your userinfo page in order for you to even VIEW their community. We find that.. well, lame. -smiling-

We spend a LOT of time on each one of these designs. We do this for free. All we ask is that you spread the love around by doing a few random acts of kindness and that you throw a shout out for the talented staff of 1024x768. It seems only fair that our design isn't confused with that of another community, don't you think? We do!

Join whatever community you like. Just help us keep the code created separate from that of other communities. -smiling- And help us keep the community drama free.

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