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To Our Potential Designers

To all our potential designers,

Welcome to 1024x768_help. This is the moderation community for 1024x768 Designs. 1024x768 is a layout community priding itself on original concepts from the artwork right down to the comment tags. We encourage individuality, celebrate uniqueness, and do our best to further your artist style. If dark design is your thing, we encourage you to focus on dark design (we won't force you to do a layout with Britney Spears running through a meadow of pink daisies!) Conversely, if Britney Spears running through a meadow of pink daisies is your thing, we won't force you to do something featuring Marilyn Manson. We also believe that there's no reason that design for both paid and unpaid accounts can't be created equally. We have spent a lot of time making sure that both types of accounts are duly fashionable and functional. We also only design for the screen resolution 1024x768. -smiling- I know, "Oh my God, you must be kidding me?!" We just wanted to make that clear right off the bat. We're happy if your code is compatible with -all- resolutions and all browsers, but we're predominantly designing for that resolution.

1024x768 is a drama-free zone. We're primarily about fun - having fun in the design, in the code, and in helping people out. We ask that those getting our layouts do ten random acts of kindness as a sort of "pay it forward" kind of thing - whether they do or not... that's yet to be determined. -smiling- We do not believe in linkware here. We're not opposed to people taking a banner -if they want one- (we don't mind people pimping our community), but we don't force people to link to us just to take a peak at our goods. The community is mainly focused on doing something nice for people... for free... - something they really appreciate.

1024x768 is a friend's only community... as is 1024x768_help as far as moderation is concerned. In order to design you would have to friend both. We'll give your account permission to post to each at that time.

We appreciate your interest in designing for our team. We pride ourselves on what we do here and we're looking forward to adding new members. Now, onto the secret clubhouse! -grinning-

From this point on, you must friend 1024x768_help in order to read the moderation rules HERE

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