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Moderation Community for 1024x768

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Want to be a Moderator? [19 Jun 2004|10:06pm]

We are not currently looking for any new moderators. Being that only the designers/mods have posting access it's pretty easy for us to keep the posts made to the community on topic. We will let you know if anything changes. But thank you for your interest!

- 1024x768.
1 death by design.

The Rules. [19 Jun 2004|06:35am]

01.Want to see the entries made to the community? Join it. It's that simple.

02.Coding and graphics take time. Our FREE time to be exact. Please give us a break and be patient. Don't beg and pester.

03.We will not teach you how to do html/css or graphic design and emailing the mods bugging them about it is a good way to get yourself banned. There are other communities made specifically to help you with those kinds of questions. Try overridehelp or howto.

04.Do not come in with a link to someone else’s journal and ask us to "copy" it. It not only infringes upon the creativity and effort of the person who made it - it's rude.

05.Bringing your bad day into this community and treating others with a lack of respect will not be taken lightly. Similarily, 'hoarding' layouts or requesting multiple layouts at one time is also frowned upon. If the warning given is not taken into consideration you will be banned.

06.We only make layouts for a screen resolution of 1024x768 and higher because that’s what we (and so many others) use. If you're looking for a layout made for 800x600 you'll have to look somewhere else.

07.Do not give out your password to anyone other than the featured designers. We will never make modifications to your journal other than setting up the necessary code. We encourage you to set up a temporary password for your own protection and peace of mind and restore your original password once we're done.

08.We do not take requests. Suggestions, yes. Requests, no. Remember.. even if your suggestion is used, that does not mean that you will be the one to end up with it. Check the community often.

The difference would be:

"Hi, I would love to see some more Angelina Jolie layouts! Thanks!"
Suggestion = good.

Request = BAD.

09.We will not give you code we have created so that you can play with it, change it, and then slap your own name on it. That just sucks. This also means that if there is a "credit" section on a layout you've requested we expect you to leave it intact.

10.If you are being asked to use linkware by a layout community we ask that you make it perfectly clear the design you are using is the creative effort of 1024x768 designs and no one else. It's easy for things to become confused. Not only that.. it's just polite.

Thank you,
- 1024x768.
6 deaths by design.

Affiliates [19 Jun 2004|03:07am]

Want to become an affiliate? Well, I'm sure we'd love to have you! Just send us an email to jennifer@jennygrrl.com or comment to a new entry made by one of the designers and provide us with a button to your community. We will check it out and if we're interested we'll let you know!

Here you can find buttons to all of our affiliates!


Resources [19 Jun 2004|02:41am]


if you see anything that has been missed feel free to email us at jennifer@jennygrrl.com to correct this list! thanks!

The FAQ [18 Jun 2004|10:49am]

Please select a category.

General FAQ
Designer FAQ
Image hosting FAQ
Credit FAQ

Designers FAQ [18 Jun 2004|10:38am]

Are you looking to join our design team? Complete and submit the Request Form to be considered.

To Potential Designers.
Rules for our Designers.
Designer's Notes Pt. 1
Designer's Notes Pt. 2

To Our Potential Designers [10 May 2004|02:29pm]

[ mood | happy ]

To all our potential designers,

Welcome to 1024x768_help. This is the moderation community for 1024x768 Designs. 1024x768 is a layout community priding itself on original concepts from the artwork right down to the comment tags. We encourage individuality, celebrate uniqueness, and do our best to further your artist style. If dark design is your thing, we encourage you to focus on dark design (we won't force you to do a layout with Britney Spears running through a meadow of pink daisies!) Conversely, if Britney Spears running through a meadow of pink daisies is your thing, we won't force you to do something featuring Marilyn Manson. We also believe that there's no reason that design for both paid and unpaid accounts can't be created equally. We have spent a lot of time making sure that both types of accounts are duly fashionable and functional. We also only design for the screen resolution 1024x768. -smiling- I know, "Oh my God, you must be kidding me?!" We just wanted to make that clear right off the bat. We're happy if your code is compatible with -all- resolutions and all browsers, but we're predominantly designing for that resolution.

1024x768 is a drama-free zone. We're primarily about fun - having fun in the design, in the code, and in helping people out. We ask that those getting our layouts do ten random acts of kindness as a sort of "pay it forward" kind of thing - whether they do or not... that's yet to be determined. -smiling- We do not believe in linkware here. We're not opposed to people taking a banner -if they want one- (we don't mind people pimping our community), but we don't force people to link to us just to take a peak at our goods. The community is mainly focused on doing something nice for people... for free... - something they really appreciate.

1024x768 is a friend's only community... as is 1024x768_help as far as moderation is concerned. In order to design you would have to friend both. We'll give your account permission to post to each at that time.

We appreciate your interest in designing for our team. We pride ourselves on what we do here and we're looking forward to adding new members. Now, onto the secret clubhouse! -grinning-

From this point on, you must friend 1024x768_help in order to read the moderation rules HERE



Hosting your images [09 May 2004|10:30am]

We're coming to a point where hosting all the images for everyone's journal layouts is going to be very difficult. This FAQ will give you all the information you need to register with an image hosting company, as well as what we need in order to change your journal code for both unpaid and paid accounts. Please follow these instructions VERY carefully as they are in-depth and go step-by-step.

01. In order to host a background image for your website you will need to find a place that will offer you space. We can recommend the site 250 free or you may also check out the following link for various other resources. This will give you more than enough choices for free hosts.

02. Once you've found a place to host your images, you will need to register. All this requires is a simple email address in most cases. Free services do not require you to enter credit card information. If you are asked for a credit card number we suggest you find another place.

03. After you have registered, you will be given instructions PER site on how to upload (move your pictures from your machine to their server) your images. Please do not ask in this community for instructions on how this is done. Most of these places are very intuitive - anyone can do it if they spend the time to read their instructions on how it is done. Usually it's as simple as clicking the 'Browse' button, finding the place you saved the image, clicking on it, and then clicking 'Upload' (or a similar button).

04. Generally a service will give you a 'link' to the image you have uploaded. Click on the link and in the 'Address' bar of your web browser, copy down the web address (or URL). You will take the URL and copy it (exactly) into an email to send to whichever designer is working on your layout. That designer will then make the necessary changes to your code.

05. Please DO NOT continually change hosting services. If a company has problems and is no longer available, we may be able to help, but this will depend upon our backlog. We may or may not save copies of your images in case you lose them. We strongly recommend you save a copy on your own machine just-in-case. For those concerned about bandwidth, all hosting services that provide free services allow for more than enough bandwidth for one livejournal. You should have no problems with service limitations where that's concerned.


3 deaths by design.

General FAQ. [08 May 2004|05:28am]

01. i've joined the community. why cant i see the styles yet? do you have to approve my membership?
no, we do not have to approve your membership. sometimes livejournal is just a little slow on some things. you can leave and rejoin the community or wait a few hours and check back then. if you're still unable to view the community's posts after 24 hours please let us know.

02. why can't i post to this community?
only the featured designers are allowed to make new posts. this is to avoid "cluttering" the community with unrelated posts.

03. i have a request.. where does it go?
we are not accepting requests for layouts at this time. designs for both paid and unpaid styles will continue to be added to this community as inspiration and creativity allows. the remaining designs in 'available' status and will be listed along the left-hand side of the community on the "info bar". remember, layouts are offered on a first-come, first-served basis so make sure you post your request a.s.a.p.

04. what is the difference between a paid style template and a paid style?
a paid style template has no html/css coding done at the time it is offered. it is coded later as the designer finds time. a paid style has already had the coding done and is available almost immediately.

05. why are some styles available when others are not?
if a style is unavailable, someone has already requested it and is currently using that style in their journal. these styles will not be offered as available again, until the user stops using that style. items still available have not been requested and are open to any member of the community. if you wish to ask for that design, please do so below the available design post.

06. how do i get in touch with you personally?
you can send an email to jennifer@jennygrrl.com

07. i would like to contribute to your cause! do you take donations through paypal? how can i help?
well, aren't you a doll!! we really appreciate your interest and commitment to the community but we do not accept donations. :) if you'd like to do something to help, simply carry out ten random acts of kindness and credit each layout somewhere on your info page. :) just doing that is enough in our book!

08. i would like to become a featured designer for this community, what should i do?
ooooh! yay for help! :) well, just send us some samples of layouts (with either graphics or code or both) you've done. we can always use help on both sides. but please be advised, we are very picky when accepting designers. :)

09. the style i like is taken, what now?
well, you can wait until it becomes available again (some people change their layouts often some not at all) or you can request a variation of the style, which would include different graphics, colors, links, font, etc. to make it more personalized to yourself. please be aware that we will not always take these kinds of requests. it really depends on how backed up we are.

10. i am being harassed.
please send us the username and a log of the conflict so that we can act as a mediator and take care of the situation.

11. i was asked by someone other than the featured designers for my password.
well, this is out of our hands and should be dealt with by the livejournal abuse team. click here for information on contacting them.

when we are ready to set up your new layout we encourage you to create a temporary password for your own protection and then to change it back once we are finished (not that we would ever abuse your journal - just for your own peace of mind). to further safeguard yourself make sure the password you choose is unique and do not give it out to people you find untrustworthy.

12. someone asked me to give them the code you made for me. is this against the rules?
grr. well, yes. we work hard to maintain our individuality so that you can have a journal that sets yourself apart from the rest. thank you for respecting us by not giving out the code/images we have created especially for you. please send us the username of the person/community asking for the code so that it can be dealt with. thank you again.

13. i think i might have broken my code. i added some things/took some things out and now my journal doesn't look right anymore!!
heh, this is why we do not encourage you "play" with the code. :P! please contact us and we will try our best to fix the problem.

The Welcome. [08 May 2004|04:50am]

welcome to 1024x768 designs. this community will be used to showcase designs for paid, unpaid, and community accounts. feel free to comment to the existing available layouts (those that are marked "available") to let us know of a style you may be interested in.

we will no longer be taking requests for layouts and as such, we are also doing away with the waiting list. with the handful of designers we have it's become WAY too stressful and is cutting into our free time a little too deeply.

so what we are doing is adding paid AND unpaid style layouts to the community as inspiration and creativity allows. the remaining designs in 'available' status will be listed along the left hand side of the community "info bar" (paid styles under paid, free under free :P). remember, layouts are offered on a first-come first-served basis so make sure you check back often and post your request a.s.a.p.

for further information on how this community works please check our userinfo page.

interested but still need a little nudge through the door?

(example layout created for a paid account)

(example layout created for a free account)

UPDATE: 1024 will not be accepting any new members at this time. please do not email us asking to be added to the community, simply check back within a few weeks and try to join us then.

thank you for your patience and cooperation,
3 deaths by design.

Information about the "three day" time frame in which you have to respond about your layout. [08 May 2004|04:48am]

Hey all,

We've sort of hit a stumbling block. I'm writing this message as a way of being 'PC' -smiling- if jacklennox wrote it, fur would hit the fan. :P Anyway, if you're on our waiting list for a layout, you have THREE days to respond to our email asking what type of layout you're looking for. Thus far we have had situations where we've had to wait for weeks for people to respond. It's entirely too difficult to wait weeks for someone and have a waiting list building as ours is. It's just wasted, unproductive time.

If you do not respond after THREE days, you will be put at the end of the waiting list and we'll email you again once we get back around to you. However, this could be weeks or months, depending upon how long the list has grown.

Also, several people have requested layouts but there are no email addresses on the journals to contact. In that case we leave a comment -in- the journal, but again that might not be the best way to contact you in order to get you in under the THREE day mark. You can leave your email address here when you request a layout. That might be more efficient.


2 deaths by design.

Information on linkware and your layout. [08 May 2004|04:44am]

If it comes to our attention that you have another design community's banner listed amongst your userinfo thanking them for design credit, we will not be able to provide you with a particular design until you have uncredited that community. We do not wish for our designs to become confused with their work, or vice versa. We do not require you to link 1024x768 in your u/info in order for you to simply look at this community (linkware is the suck, mmkay?). Please be aware of this policy upon entering and requesting from 1024x768. Thanks.

I'm going to explain this once and only once -smiling- and that's just to tone down the drama. You can be a part of as many design communities as you like! Please, go... and enjoy... as a matter of fact, many of us belong to several of those communities. I'm in love with cherrystyle for example! Lisa is an inspiration. However, we do NOT cater to LINKWARE. A community may require you to put linkware on your userinfo page in order for you to even VIEW their community. We find that.. well, lame. -smiling-

We spend a LOT of time on each one of these designs. We do this for free. All we ask is that you spread the love around by doing a few random acts of kindness and that you throw a shout out for the talented staff of 1024x768. It seems only fair that our design isn't confused with that of another community, don't you think? We do!

Join whatever community you like. Just help us keep the code created separate from that of other communities. -smiling- And help us keep the community drama free.


Information on crediting the community. [08 May 2004|04:38am]

If you are being forced to use linkware (a "banner" required - linking a community back to themselves from your journal) by a layout community we ask that you make it perfectly clear that the design you are currently using is the creative effort of 1024x768 designs. Here we will list the ways to do so.

01. You can shout out the community by visibly listing us on your userinfo page saying:
"Layout done by 1024x768 designs."

02. You can use the optional linkware listed here for a prettier effect:

not sure how to link? just copy and paste this code into your info and you're all set! :)

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