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Information about the "three day" time frame in which you have to respond about your layout.

Hey all,

We've sort of hit a stumbling block. I'm writing this message as a way of being 'PC' -smiling- if jacklennox wrote it, fur would hit the fan. :P Anyway, if you're on our waiting list for a layout, you have THREE days to respond to our email asking what type of layout you're looking for. Thus far we have had situations where we've had to wait for weeks for people to respond. It's entirely too difficult to wait weeks for someone and have a waiting list building as ours is. It's just wasted, unproductive time.

If you do not respond after THREE days, you will be put at the end of the waiting list and we'll email you again once we get back around to you. However, this could be weeks or months, depending upon how long the list has grown.

Also, several people have requested layouts but there are no email addresses on the journals to contact. In that case we leave a comment -in- the journal, but again that might not be the best way to contact you in order to get you in under the THREE day mark. You can leave your email address here when you request a layout. That might be more efficient.


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