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General FAQ.

01. i've joined the community. why cant i see the styles yet? do you have to approve my membership?
no, we do not have to approve your membership. sometimes livejournal is just a little slow on some things. you can leave and rejoin the community or wait a few hours and check back then. if you're still unable to view the community's posts after 24 hours please let us know.

02. why can't i post to this community?
only the featured designers are allowed to make new posts. this is to avoid "cluttering" the community with unrelated posts.

03. i have a request.. where does it go?
we are not accepting requests for layouts at this time. designs for both paid and unpaid styles will continue to be added to this community as inspiration and creativity allows. the remaining designs in 'available' status and will be listed along the left-hand side of the community on the "info bar". remember, layouts are offered on a first-come, first-served basis so make sure you post your request a.s.a.p.

04. what is the difference between a paid style template and a paid style?
a paid style template has no html/css coding done at the time it is offered. it is coded later as the designer finds time. a paid style has already had the coding done and is available almost immediately.

05. why are some styles available when others are not?
if a style is unavailable, someone has already requested it and is currently using that style in their journal. these styles will not be offered as available again, until the user stops using that style. items still available have not been requested and are open to any member of the community. if you wish to ask for that design, please do so below the available design post.

06. how do i get in touch with you personally?
you can send an email to

07. i would like to contribute to your cause! do you take donations through paypal? how can i help?
well, aren't you a doll!! we really appreciate your interest and commitment to the community but we do not accept donations. :) if you'd like to do something to help, simply carry out ten random acts of kindness and credit each layout somewhere on your info page. :) just doing that is enough in our book!

08. i would like to become a featured designer for this community, what should i do?
ooooh! yay for help! :) well, just send us some samples of layouts (with either graphics or code or both) you've done. we can always use help on both sides. but please be advised, we are very picky when accepting designers. :)

09. the style i like is taken, what now?
well, you can wait until it becomes available again (some people change their layouts often some not at all) or you can request a variation of the style, which would include different graphics, colors, links, font, etc. to make it more personalized to yourself. please be aware that we will not always take these kinds of requests. it really depends on how backed up we are.

10. i am being harassed.
please send us the username and a log of the conflict so that we can act as a mediator and take care of the situation.

11. i was asked by someone other than the featured designers for my password.
well, this is out of our hands and should be dealt with by the livejournal abuse team. click here for information on contacting them.

when we are ready to set up your new layout we encourage you to create a temporary password for your own protection and then to change it back once we are finished (not that we would ever abuse your journal - just for your own peace of mind). to further safeguard yourself make sure the password you choose is unique and do not give it out to people you find untrustworthy.

12. someone asked me to give them the code you made for me. is this against the rules?
grr. well, yes. we work hard to maintain our individuality so that you can have a journal that sets yourself apart from the rest. thank you for respecting us by not giving out the code/images we have created especially for you. please send us the username of the person/community asking for the code so that it can be dealt with. thank you again.

13. i think i might have broken my code. i added some things/took some things out and now my journal doesn't look right anymore!!
heh, this is why we do not encourage you "play" with the code. :P! please contact us and we will try our best to fix the problem.
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